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CTC IT Pty Ltd: was founded in Traralgon in 1998, becoming a registered company in 1999, with the sole purpose of becoming the benchmark of the Regionally Based IT Consulting industry in Gippsland.

Our philosophy has always been to achieve our goal by providing a team-oriented dynamic professional value-added service incorporating high-technology solutions to meet the unique requirements of any business or individual.

The past few years have been remarkable ones in which we have seen our organization expand at a rate exceeding even our own high expectations. Our client base has increased dramatically, the quality of our equipment has undergone considerable progressive upgrading making it state of the art, and our services have expanded in range to incorporate new innovations in technology and information from our dynamic knowledge-base. The culmination of these factors is that we are now in a position not only to offer you full no-to-go B2B IT and Business services, but also to offer them at unprecedented rates and value.

Being a Regionally-founded and based organization, we feel that we are in a unique position to understand the needs of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) located in the Latrobe Valley and more than adequately present no-nonsense IT and Business solutions that work.

Further, we believe that there is no reason why regional SMEs should not be as if not more competitive than metropolitan organizations. In short, we believe in looking after your interests.

CAN: you say that your business effectively uses technology? Can you say that your IT infrastructure is as efficient as it can or should be? If the answer is no, or even if you don't know, we're sure that it's something that you've contemplated from time to time.

We understand that in the New Economy, it's not about who has the most expensive equipment or who has the most impressive website. It's about implementing the best operating package that ensures your business fully utilizes it's core competencies and maximizes it's strategic fit. Yes, it may mean the use of the latest wireless LAN technologies, but it may also mean something as simple as getting your network printer serviced or your Accounts streamlined.

We don't advocate the prolific implementation of technology. We take no pleasure in charging you exorbitant rates for solutions you'd never use. Rather, we recommend solutions that are reality-checked, value-added, flexible, and, most importantly, what YOU tell us that you need.