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NETWORKING: CTC have the technology and the expertise to design, supply, implement and maintain your corporate LAN or WAN.

We specialize in all aspects of LAN/WAN connectivity from physical data cabling to full network infrastructure implementation with our services available as stand-alone solutions or as innovative, fully-scaleable Enterprise Packages custom built to suit your most intricate business requirements.

Further, we also offer LAN/WAN consulting services incorporating functions such as assessment of your existing network, troubleshooting, network security, and network systems administration.

WEB SERVICES: With E-Business being the buzzword of the Millennium, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients Web Design and Web Hosting solutions, ensuring that whether you need a small storefront or an e-commerce superstore, a solution is what you'll get.

HARDWARE: CTC offers a full range of corporate and personal computing services. These include supply of workstations, servers, personal computers, networking infrastructure equipment, and a large range of peripheral equipment and multimedia components.

We also service, maintain and repair corporate and personal systems including computers, and peripherals like, for example, printers and scanners.

SOFTWARE: We also offer a full range of software from Enterprise Suites to Multimedia applications.